The Faculty of Geography within Babeș-Bolyai University (Project Promoter), in partnership with the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (Partner 1), is carrying out the project “Restoration of wetlands and peatlands in the North-West Region” (NWPEAT). The project is funded by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, The RO – Environment – “Environment, adaptation to climate change and ecosystems” Programme, “Restoration of wetlands and peatlands” call for proposals. The RO-Environment Programme is implemented by the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests as Programme Operator.

The main challenge for decision makers or funding bodies, whether we refer to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the European Union’s Territorial Cohesion Policy 2021-2027, or other European and national public policies, is to deal with the accelerating degradation of peatland ecosystems.



This objective is related to the overall objective of the RO-Environment Programme, to improve the state of the environment in fragile ecosystems and to reduce the effects of anthropogenic activity, through the restoration works proposed for each restoration scheme. The general objective of the project “Restoration of wetlands and peatlands in the North-West Region” (NWPEAT) is to restore ten wetlands located in the North-West Region.

Targeted areas

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The main activities planned are:

  • Initial assessment of the conservation status of ecosystems in the 10 wetlands of the North-West Region by developing specific studies and preparing documentation to obtain the compulsory environmental agreements;
  • Implementation of restoration works for each wetland;
  • monitoring and post-monitoring of the restoration works;
  • Raising awareness for wetlands in the North-West Region;
  • Dissemination of the project results.


The main expected project results are the restoration of wetlands and the improvement of the ecological status in ten wetlands / peatlands in the North-West Region, the awareness of local authorities and communities involved on peatland ecosystems conservation, strengthening the partnership between Romania and Norway, improving geographic information tools for relevant stakeholders. According to Răzvan-Horațiu Bătinaș, project manager of NWPEAT project, the outputs will include “specific studies associated with the restoration schemes, monitoring plans for each wetland, a restoration guide, but also complex publicity materials, in digital and printed format, and particular events”.

More information related to project activities and results

If you want to read more about the activities, results and events related to this project, we invite you to check the activities page.


The project entitled “Restoration of wetlands and peatlands in the North-West Region” (NWPEAT), contract no. DAFE / 125170 / 16.12.2021, is funded by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, under the RO-Environment “Environment, Adaptation to Climate Change and Ecosystems” Programme, call for proposals for Restoration of wetlands and peatlands, managed by the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, with a total budget of 3,811,259.25 RON (769,982.47 Euros).

This project is financed under the “Environment, Climate Change and Ecosystems” (RO-Environment) Programme, in accordance with the Financial Mechanism of the EEA (European Economic Area) 2014- 2021.